Which Programming Languages Should UI Designers Learn?

In the ui design industry, an idea is everything. However, an idea will become nothing, if you can’t turn it into a real and usable object. Therefore, a UI designer must have a tool and skill to bring that idea from their mind into the real world. This is where a programming language will become handy. It helps you to create the design that you need. Now, the question is, which programming languages you should learn?

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

These three programming languages are commonly used in designing website, application, game or other digital product, where you, as UI designer, will work at. Learning these three will be very useful for your designing approach. In fact, once you know them, your approach in creating the design for your project will be changed as well.

Usually, the HTML will be used to design the core of the website that you’ve designed its interface. Then, the CSS will be used for styling purpose. The JavaScript is also used for adding extra features. So, these three are connected to each other. And, if you combine it with your visual design skill, you will get a better result and of course, satisfied clients.

Using the Code on Your Design

Should Designer code? The answer is yes and no. First of all, is for no answer. When we said that you must learn and know the programming languages, it doesn’t mean you have to master the languages. At least, you must know how the programming languages work and applied to your design. The developer will deal with it, actually.

Knowing how these programming languages work will help you to create a good design. For example, if you use Photoshop to create the interface layout, you can calculate the position of each element in the interface easily. The developers will use a specific code for styling and if you know how they do that, you can adjust the position of the element during your designing step, much easier.

Therefore, you don’t need to use the code. However, in some case, you might have to use the code. For example, you create an interface design for a website. To find out how it looks like, you need to test it out on a browser. Therefore, you need to use the code to create the fake website and open it on your browser to know how your design will be.

The Benefit of Learning Programming Languages

When you know how to use the programming languages, you also open many possibilities to create many different approaches in your design. Therefore, it also helps you to find a new idea, create new things, and the most important thing, and improve yourself as a UI designer.

Moreover, learning programming languages are easy to do. You can find many free tutorials and even online courses you can take to learn those programming languages. Try them, and find out how advantageous this knowledge will be for your uiux design. Guaranteed, it is worth your time and energy.

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