Top 5 Challenges UIUX Designers Face When Working

Working in the uiux design industry is surely a dream and amazing things ever happened in your life. This industry has become more important these days. However, similar to other working environments, there are also many challenges you will face when you work in this field. Below, we have 5 top challenges that you will face as a UIUX designer and how to deal with it.

1. Dealing with Negative Feedback

Sometimes, you get negative feedback from your clients and even your colleagues and boss. Do not take it personally. What they’re criticized is your design, not yourself. So, do not let it make you feel that you are a failure. Instead, use it as fuel to improve your design. At least, you can see it as a help to point out the part you need to fix. You can save more time with it.

2. Feeling like Everyone is A Better Designer than You

Just remember that design is always changing. So, if you think other people are a better designer than you, you can see it as a chance to improve yourself. That means you have a chance to learn something new and find ideas from a different perspective that can become a nice addition to your portfolio. Or, you also can involve yourself with designers that have a lesser experience than you. Then, to get your confidence back, you can become their mentor.

3. Feeling Pressure to Come Up A Design Solution Ahead of A Tight Deadline

It happens when you get high difficulty level design job with a short job description and of course, tight deadline. Dealing with it is simple. Just do it like a pro. Do it according to the correct step-by-step process, from problem description, finding the solution to solve it, and execution. Having a brainstorm with your team is also a good idea. It will ease your stress.

4. Your User/Boss Don’t Give Clear Instructions

Usually, it happens when they have a tight deadline and want to deal with everything faster. As a professional, you need to ask back for more detail. However, you can’t just ask. You also need to point out the lack of information in the instruction. And, add some explanation about the possibility of the result from that lack-of-detail instruction. This will make the client or boss doesn’t feel underestimated, and they will gladly give you the information that you need.

5. Feeling Anxious About an Upcoming Presentation

You face this challenge when you’ve got a big presentation to come. The solution is simple. Do not try to make a great presentation. However, see it as a chance to learn to make a good presentation. In many cases, people who try hard to give a good presentation will only make them do a worse performance at the actual presentation.

After you know the 5 top challenges that you will face when you work in the ui design industry, that means you are ready to face them. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore about them. With the right approach, you can deal with them perfectly and get the best result in the end.

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