The iOS Font Size Guidelines

In designing an app or website there must be a guideline, this time I want to give a summary of font usage in iPhone and Ipad. Let’s check this out:

Basic typography terminologies are explained in the image below:

The iOS Design Guidelines

iPhone Typography:

Apple has introduced a brand new font called San Francisco, which replaces Helvetica Neue as the default font. San Francisco comes in two forms: “SF UI Display” and “SF UI Text”, while “Display” is mainly used for UI components. “Text” has a larger letter spacing and should be used for longer texts.

Element Size (pt) Weight Spacing (pt) Type
Large Nav Bar Title 34 Bold -0.41 Text
Nav Bar Title 17 Semibold -0.41 Text
Nav Bar Button 17 Regular -0.41 Text
Search Bar 17 Regular -0.41 Text
Tab Bar Button 10 Regular -0.24 Text
Table Header 13 Regular -0.08 Text
Table Row 17 Regular -0.41 Text
Table Row Subline 15 Regular -0.24 Text
Table Footer 13 Regular -0.08 Text
Action Sheets 20 Regular / Semibold 0.75 Display


Spacing and Alignment:

  • Keep a minimum of 8pts distance between border and content
  •  Keep a minimum of 5pts between elements

Spacing and Alignment

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