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If you are trying to find a way to learn UI design, then you are in luck because I have written an article especially for you. For today’s article, I would like to talk about one of the most important skill things that you can have to thrive in the modern world: UI design. The skill might not be too popular back then – with only the biggest of nerds learning such skill – but the world has changed. UI design is now a very potent money making skill thanks to the advancement of technology and the rise of start-up industries. Both nerds and normies have been racing to master this skill, and if you are trying to join the race, then you can get a head start by reading our article.

However, learning how to do so is not enough.  You cannot just hop into an instruction website and hope to master the skill without knowing the general know-how on it. You need to understand about what you are trying to learn and the best ways on how to learn them. You need to absorb all the information that you can gather about the topic you are learning about, all in the hope that you can be a great pupil in the arts. That is why I want to take things slow. We want to start arranging the pieces from the bottom, and do you know what is the thing that serves as the base of UI design? The general information of UI design itself, of course!

So what is User Interface Design?

In case you did not notice, User Interface Design is basically the expanded form of the word UI design. Taking the three words piece by piece, we got the words user, interface, and design.

A user is obviously the person that uses a certain thing available in the world. If a person is a user of an item, said person will be known as a user of (that certain item). The word ‘user’ is not limited to people only, as programs and other things can also be a ‘user’ of a certain program.

Now for ‘interface’. Taken from Wikipedia, an interface is basically a border in which two systems can use to interact with each other. ‘Systems’ here can mean humans, computer hardware, computer software, and whatnots. In the digital world, one system needs to use an interface to interact with the other system.

‘Design’ is, well, design. There is nothing else we can say to you about it. Combined together, the words will form into user interface design. It is a noun that can mean two things: the design of the UI itself or skill that one can learn. The first meaning has a meaning of the ‘design of the border in which systems can use to interact with each other’ while the second meaning is self-explanatory. In short, it is the design of an object that humans interact with. In the common tongue, it is the design of prompts and items that people can click on.

What exactly does a UI designer do?

Design the UI, duh. That is what UI designer is and will always be doing. He or she will be the one who creates the design of an application that the company is producing. He or she will be the one to decide where to put what prompts of an application and he or she will be the one to decorate the application. A UI designer is basically the visual dude or dudette in a company, charged to make applications look cooler.

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If the UX designer is tasked to make a bare prototype of a UI, the UI designer will then beautify the bare prototype to make customers stick with their applications. Both of them work in tandem, and you will mostly find job openings asking for people who are familiar with going the UI and the UX route at the same time.

What skills and traits do you need to become a UI designer?

If you just want to specialize in the world of UI design while eschewing the UX part altogether, you just need to have an artistic eye. Artistic here does not mean ‘artistic’ in the traditional way, no. A good painter will have an artistic eye, but not all of them are capable of becoming a UI designer. If you need something to compare with a UI designer, you can probably compare it with an interior designer. An interior designer’s job is to ensure that everything works perfectly together. The paint of a room needs to match with the colour of the furniture, and furniture must be placed in the right place and at the right angle.

That is the gist of what a UI designer will do when they got hired. They need to ensure that every aspect of the application works together. They will be the one who thinks about where to place what part of the application and they will be the one who thinks about will a certain colour looks good for an application.

Oh, and they also need to be a team worker. Because a UI designer will have to work together with a UX designer, of course they need to be able to work together. A UI designer must be able to communicate their plans to the team, so you can kind of say that a UI designer needs to have good soft skills as well.

Why I became a UI designer

Because it is a cool thing to do and because I am such a huge dork when it comes to computers. I also like doing a bit designing now and then, and when the world offers me an opportunity to make money out of my hobby, then I jumped ship and I never regretted that jump.

I also see myself as someone who wants to adapt to the future. The world of UI design is ever-changing, and as days pass, new things come and old things go. I want to stay updated with it, keeping myself with the flow of the world. There is no better way for me to do so than to learn UI design.

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