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You might have read that article about how to learn UI and now you are curious about the details. UI design encompasses a lot of aspects, all working together to keep your website interesting to visitors. One of those aspects is font size. When you learn UI design, you must have been told that every aspect of an application needs to work together. While the first thing that users will see on your application is the overall look of the UI, the very next thing that the users will see from the UI is the font. That is right, folks. There have been cases where users do not like to use an application or a website because the font is a bit crappy.

Because unhappy users mean that they will likely to shy away from your app or website, such thing cannot happen. You need to understand the guidelines for using the right font size and type. Fortunately for you, we got a short guide that you can follow. The guide it self is divided into two sections: mobile applications and desktop websites to make it easier for you.

When it comes to mobile websites or apps,
here are the guidelines:

  • Use at least 16px of text input font size. Why? Because it prevents the phone browser or application from automatically zooming on the text box. That kind of thing gets pretty annoying sometimes, what’s with forcing users to zoom out on their own and whatnot.
  • For the body text, keep it at 16px or around it. Never less and never more. 16px is the sweet spot between it being readable from a distance and practically filling the screen of your user’s phone.
  • Use smaller size (13px or 14px) for text of lesser importance. Like captions, labels, or all things you deem unimportant for the purpose of the application. To be a good UI designer, you need to understand how to show your intention to the world.
    If you intend to make a part of the UI less important than another part, you got to show it.What about desktop websites or applications?-If the website is text heavy, 16px is the minimum size. It will prevent users from having to squint their eyes. Not forcing a user to squint their eyes is a good start in our book.
  • 18px is the best number to start with. If you are a traditional author, you surely know how wrong this thing is. Truth is, writing a book that you are going to print and writing something on a website are two wholly different things. You will be writing for folks who will be putting quite a distance between themselves and the screen they are reading from, so there is nothing wrong with using bigger font size.
  • When doing desktops, do not afraid to go higher. This is because there is a distance between the user and the screen. One website who got a default font size of 21px is hailed as one of the best text-heavy websites that you can visit, so going big is not a wrong thing to do. Just do not go to big unless your true intention is to have users scroll down while they are reading your site.


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